About Diramo Volley

We are a small co-ed/mix volleyball club, based in Copenhagen. We offer three separate ways to play volleyball: “Traditional” hardcourt volleyball, indoor beach volleyball, and outdoor beach volleyball.

The hours

Please see our calendar (in Danish language) here. If the venue is mentioned as “Ryparken”, the event site is the beach volleyball courts near Ryparken Station. All other events are at Hafnia-hallen.

The club

You can contact us (the club board) at the following email address: board (at) diramo (dot) dk, or using the Danish alternative: bestyrelse (at) diramo (dot) dk. You can also check out our Facebook page.

The players

We are a motley crew, representing a variety of ages, skill levels, languages, countries of origin, etc.

The rules

Well, the volleyball rules are the volleyball rules. And then again … We expect you to be familiar with the basic concepts, and to have a good grasp of the game; or at least to be able to reach that level quickly. This includes a minimum level of courtesy, including sticking to agreed roles; regularly inserting yourself in situations that naturally would be considered somebody else’s responsibility is frowned upon.

Note that the Danish mix/co-ed volleyball rules, as laid down by the East Denmark Volleyball Association (SVBK), sets the net height at 235 cm; in between the 224 cm women’s net height, and the 243 cm men’s net height.

The cost

We are not an expensive volleyball club! This is due to the facts that

  • The Copenhagen municipality is providing the courts to us at a very low cost
  • We currently have neither paid staff nor a trainer/manager/coach; everything is based on volunteering
  • We are currently not enrolled in any ongoing tournaments/leagues.

The membership fee is currently DKK 300 per calendar year as of 2024.

Sign me up! Where do I begin?

It is slightly more complicated than that. This is what you do:

  1. Send us an e-mail (see contact info above) to see if we are currently accepting new members. Indicate whether you are looking to participate in hardcourt or beach volleyball (or both). Please include a short description of your volleyball background.
  2. Once you get a positive reply, come meet us! Our schedule is reasonably constant but can vary. As a rule, we play hard court volleyball on Wed nights 19-21 (7 PM – 9 PM) during the indoor season in Hafnia-hallen, Hafnia Court. We also play indoor beach volleyball on Mon nights 20-21:30 (8 PM – 9:30 PM) at Hafnia Beach 3 and Sat around noon (11:30 AM – 1:00 PM) at Hafnia Beach 3, also in Hafnia-hallen. Note that this list of events is subject to changes, so we encourage you to shoot us an e-mail in advance – that way you can save a trip in case of cancellations, changes etc.
  3. Get access to our forum on holdsport.dk so that you can sign up for training sessions and track cancellations, changes etc.
  4. Play with us for up to three times, so that you and we both have a chance to see if it is working out.
  5. Assuming it does, pay the fee and you are in.

We look forward to seeing you!