Holdsport.dk guidelines

This page is about our expectations to you as a club member when using holdsport.dk (or sportmember.com); i.e. the website we use to organize volleyball event participation etc. Nothing you can read here will come as a surprise for seasoned users of holdsport.dk, but we would like to make sure that everyone is familiar with the rules.

Date of birth

Every year, Diramo Volley has to report membership numbers, divided by age groups, and for this purpose we need to know the year of your birth. Holdsport.dk does not allow you to enter a partial date of birth, so you will have to enter a date (any day and month). Section 4 of the club by-laws (see Danish version here) states that entering date of birth on holdsport.dk is a membership prerequisite.

Adding and removing yourself to/from an event

If your action on the day (or the eve) of an event results in the number of participants for a beach volleyball event being 3 or 7, then you are not going to be a popular member of the club. Sometimes it is unavoidable, but make an effort to not end up in this situation! It is just not that much fun having 3 players constantly sitting out, or having to cancel the event altogether.

When an event has participant registration, you are not allowed to attend without having added yourself on holdsport.dk. Especially if the event is fully booked.

Adding yourself to an event

  • Remember to add youself well ahead of time, preferably several days before the event.
  • If an event is fully booked, then add yourself to the waiting list. You will receive an email if/when you are added due to withdrawals, but you can also check your status directly at the holdsport.dk event, so remember checking – particularly at the day of the event.
  • If you are listed as a participant, then remember to be there in time. It is bad form – and it will be noticed by the other participants – if you are a no-show without having withdrawn, or if you are often late.


  • It is OK to add guests – but only when the event is not fully booked.
  • It is not OK to add guests to a beach volleyball event 48 hours or less before the start, if this brings the number of players to 3 or 7 (see section “Adding and removing yourself to/from an event”), or if the number of participants will then exceed the maximum.
  • If you add guests, then post a comment on the event detailing their names.
  • After three participations in the same calendar year, the guest should become a paying member of the club. No 4th participation as a guest in any calendar year.

Removing yourself from an event

  • If you need to remove yourself as a participant, then do so as early as possible. You will not be a popular member of the club by removing yourself late or even on the day of the event. You must make an effort to avoid bringing yourself (and the other participants) in this situation. That being said, when you have to withdraw, then do so, rather than not showing up.
  • The comment you leave when removing yourself from an event only goes to the club “trainers”. Please add a comment to the event stating why you are withdrawing. And even more so if you are withdrawing late.

Avoid being spammed by holdsport.dk

You may find that you are receiving a lot of emails every week from holdsport.dk due to the way Diramo Volley uses it. If so, here are some tricks to limiting the barrage.

  • Check your holdsport.dk profile, and make sure to select the options that align with what you want. A number of messages can be deselected.
  • If you want to avoid notifications about events, then actively remove yourself from those events (rather than just not doing anything). Or consider adding yourself!
  • There are many benefits by actively adding yourself to or removing yourself from activities well ahead of time. You avoid a number of emails from holdsport.dk, you secure your participation before events fill up, and you reduce the risk of events being cancelled due to lack of participants. The latter is due to the fact that a number of club members hesitate to add themselves until others have signed up. If everyone did this, we would be in for a lot of cancelled events …